10 Years: The Posters of Studio & 2010-2019 - THE BOOK - by Tim Kapustka


After long threatening to do so, Tim Kapustka has gone and done it. He's made a book documenting the first 10 years of posters at Studio & Gallery. 112 posters in all. He also asked some of our friends and fellow artists close to the cause to share their thoughts on the multi-headed beast that is Studio &.

A colorful look back at a decade of Art, Ideas, and progress and all the miscellany that has surrounded it. You can now hold in your hands the entire collection of posters from the first 10 years of Studio &.

Featuring essays from: Ted Holteen, Dan Groth, Elizabeth Kinahan, Shay M. Lopez, David Holub, Patty Templeton, Donny Phillips, Crystal Hartman, Ron Fundingsland

Take a trip down memory lane, the only that is missing is the cheap wine and the guy in the white shoes.

The first edition of this book is limited, so dawdling is not encouraged.

NOTE: if you are in Durango, go to Studio & and purchase your book there. This will save you on shipping.

7" x 10" (178mm x 254mm)
92 pages
perfect bound
by Tim Kapustka
foreword by Shay M. Lopez