The Bullshit Bag - by Tim Kapustka

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There is a lot of Bullshit out there people. With your very own Bullshit bag you can call it or haul it. Most of us have been carrying bullshit around with us for years, think how much easier it'll be with your new Bullshit bag.

Printed by hand on 11 oz., 100% cotton canvas bag. Extra long natural web handles. 5-inch bottom gusset.

Bag measures 20"" x 15"" x 5" - It's hefty!!

All our bags are hand-pulled by a small group of quality minded folks in sunny Durango, Colorado. We print with soy based inks, because we realize that everything eventually winds up in the river. We love our river. So if we are going to put anything into it, we want it to be something nice.

Thanks for supporting us in our venture to make quality things that people will enjoy.