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The Sheet


The Sheet: Conversations with Durango’s most creative minds is an occasional publication from writer and illustrator David Holub. Each issue features an in-depth interview with one of Durango’s most dynamic and creative personalities, as well as an original illustration by Holub based on an excerpt from the interview, each in his whimsical, absurd, and often-humorous style.

Issue #2: Stephen Sellers

Teacher, musician, DJ
From the introduction: "I’ve seen Stephen in good and bad times over these years. I’ve seen him down, broken almost. Through it, he remains one of the most idealistic, positive, reflective, grateful people I know. Stephen is so vulnerable, so honest, his mind ever probing and evaluating. He’s confident and assertive, yet insecure and insular. One of the most curious people I’ve ever known, he asks questions and seeks answers, whether that’s on an El Moro barstool, on a trip to India, or researching Dutch techno in Amsterdam.

If you’re looking to walk through the world seeking to find meaning in something larger than yourself, larger than power and money, Stephen Sellers’ words will inspire you."

Issue # 1: Tim Kapustka
Visual artist, graphic designer, and founder of Durango’s Studio & Gallery
From the introduction: “I caught up with Tim to talk about his art, creative process, and assumptions and misconceptions about his work and artists in general. And while Tim riffed on life as a working artist, nostalgia, and “getting” art, his odd fascinations – cement trucks, Boxing Day, and, ahem, Phish – couldn’t help but find a way out of his brain.